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Bar jobs in ski resorts and how to get one

Bar jobs in a ski resort : how to get one and what to expect

Riding all day in powder then working in the evening , with live bands and great mates … sounds perfect ? There’s a whole lot more to working as bar staff in the alps then just pouring pints and having a great time.

So you turn up in resort and there’s snow on the ground , you can’t wait to get your pass and hit the slopes  .. HANG ON A MINUTE !

What you can expect in those first few heady days in the snow

To get your ski pass you’re going to need your new boss to provide you with your contract , and lets face it they are probably mega busy right now.Don’t expect it to be put in your hand the second you arrive .If there is snow on the terrace the best thing you can do is ask your boss if they want it cleared and start digging … always seems like fun for the first hour ( just try doing it in a blizzard at midnight ) , once you have teamed up with some of your new work buddies and shifted some neige ( try not to put it on next doors terrace !) the boss will probably have printed your contract off and signed it , you just need to scoot to the lift pass office with your readies and all the paperwork and you are off ..OR ARE YOU ?

Realities of bar job in the alps Bar job staff day off

Well you kinda thought you would be doing shifts from say 7pm til close 6 days a week so you could get some serious park time in , BUT in reality working/riding and partying will burn you out in 2 weeks flat , plus the bar is open from 10am …so they need you to cover shifts over lunch / apres ski and evenings ( the classic triple split shift ) .

To be honest even working day shifts can be great , if its dumped then throw your work gear in a backpack and hit first lift and do a few loops on the nearest chair/bubble lift , then fly into work and get grafting. You will be the one with the biggest smile on your face all day taking the first lines before half the resort actually got on the slopes .

Bar job responsibilities clearing snow from chalet

So what can you expect in terms of work , well most bar/restaurants need you to be able to multi task , so don’t expect to be hanging round serving drinks if the kitchen is flat out .Be prepared to jump in with the KP’s and help wash up ( plonge !) , ask chefs if anything needs chopping /peeling etc .. the chefs can be your best buddies ! If its snowing then get ready with the snow shovels and move blackboards in so they don’t get wrecked etc. Stock rooms need tidying , stock checks need doing , glasses polished , Vin Chaud making , Knives & Forks polishing , restaurant mopping .. TOILETS CLEANING … yep you name it and you will be doing it …” if there’s time to lean , there’s time to clean ”  … but when the band kicks off and the beers / jagers are flowing then the bar is the best place on earth to work !

Nothing beats that feeling at the end of the night when you have just persuaded the last punter to go home after a staggeringly busy night , you all look at each other and think S**T did we just get through that ?! The stories all come out about who left with who , and which chalet girl is not going to make it up for work in the morning etc etc

Of course then you guys need to grab a beer at the local club and do it all for yourselves ….. but don’t forget , lifts open at 9am and you are on a split shift tomorrow !!

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Chalet Host

Chalet Girl chalet host

Chalet Host jobs in a ski resort

Well you have all seen the movie Chalet Girl , but what in reality is this job all about when doing it for the season ?

Most chalet companies will be looking for someone who can look after a whole chalet on their own and if that’s the case then you can expect to be doing everything from brining in the wood for the fire to producing canapés for 14 before serving dinner !

In larger chalets you may well work with a chalet Chef , but the majority of the description below applies too.

What to expect as a Chalet Host

What you can expect though is a physically demanding job , yes you will be getting up before the sun comes up ( and if you only just got in , then that’s gonna hurt ) .Working all morning in the chalet and then back at work around 5pm to get afternoon tea cleared up and dinner on the go ;not to mention shopping day .You have to do all that but also head down to the local hypermarche and do battle with all the other chalet staff !

Basic Skills

First things first … you are going to need some catering skills and we are not talking about a few shifts at Maccy D’s here , chalet companies and their guest are looking for a tasty , balanced menu that you would be proud to serve at a dinner party , because that is effectively part of your role : hosting a dinner party 6 nights a week for a whole season ! Attending a chalet catering course can be a great idea , these are often run in the Alps during the summer months and can be rolled into a weeks holiday out there , Cool Ski Jobs will be organising these from May onwards along with UK based courses in August & September ; at the same time you should also take ( and pass ) your Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2 , these two qualifications will put you head and shoulders above the rest of the applicants that are looking for a ski job this winter.

afternoon tea in the chalet

Afternoon tea for your guests

Day to day jobs

That’s the bit we can teach you … but you are going to need a fair amount of common sense , a good attitude to work , the ability to work unsupervised and bundles of energy ! Have a look at a general list of things you could be expected to do in your Chalet :

  • Making Breakfast ( up V early )
  • Bake Cake for afternoon tea
  • Clean all public areas of chalet (including the toilets )
  • Making all the beds
  • Prep for this evenings dinner
  • Order wine from chalet manager ?
  • Go out skiing !
  • Clean up afternoon tea
  • Prep evening dinner
  • Wash up afterwards
  • Let guests know about your day off
  • Have you got all you need for tomorrows food
  • Take the rubbish out / recycle all glass
  • Go out for a beer with your guests !


On top of that daily list you can expect to go shopping , clear all the snow from your chalet , do inventories for the chalet manager etc etc

Fringe Benefits

So do you still think that you can handle it ? Well of course it’s not all hard work .. you generally get a chance to go skiing for 4/5 hours a day , 4 days a week plus you get a day off too ! The team that you work with can end up being your best buddies for ever .. I’m still best mates with some from 1994/5 !

You can expect to get the standard pay structure , which is generally French minimum wage , although once you have had deductions for flights/retainers /uniform / food / lodging etc you are left with maybe £80-£100 a week , but that’s all you need .. everything else is provided for you and if you treat your guests well and do a good job then the chalet hosts tips can be great !

Think that this could be for you ? .. Well don’t just sit there.. sign up for our Job Alerts and lets get you out on the slopes !

Latest chalet host jobs can be found here 

Meribel & Mottaret Ski Resort

Snowy scenes from Meribel

Meribel ski resort and where to get a job

At the heart of the three valleys , Meribel is really where the British ski industry kicked off in France with Peter Lindsay investing and planning the resort from the late 1930’s .

This resort along with Mottaret hosts hundred of thousands of Brits every winter , the valley itself is very wide , open and sunny but the main problems you really get here are the queues in the bottom of either meribel or mottaret as people are trying to head up the other side .

That said a season here will offer you great skiing and a great seasonairre vibe as there are simply thousands of staff working the bars / restaurants / shops /chalets etc etc


Bars..where to start ?

Jacks bar in the Chaudanne area ,that kicks off a lot of peoples après ski , but will go on into the early hours .

Meribel is now famous for the Folie Douce bar which hosts a party every day from around 3pm onwardsBar job staff day off , dont miss your last lift to Courchevel though.

Resort centre

La Taverne & the Doron Pub , two of the most established institutions in meribel , hosting live music , DJ’s , raffles and madness.

La Poste .. if you have the money !! there will always be a few of the old school ski bums looking at this shaking their heads at what was once the Capricorn (just ask someone when you get there )

Barometer Bar .. always a laid back atmosphere in here .

Lodge du Village , higher up in Meribel Village , this is now a firm favourite for all seasonaires and hosts the Charity Day which moved from La Tania.

Meribel valley slopes

Depending on the time of the year , you will want to plan your day around the sun , now one wants to be skiing back in the cold shadowy runs!

But you have to head up to Mt Vallon for some brilliant wide open fast skiing , from there you can drop over into Val thorens ( and maybe head to the fourth valley !)

The Moon Park Meribel One of the big draws are the two parks : DC area 43 snow park and the Moon park … you will be spending a fair amount of time hanging around here !


Top Tips

The Meribel Couloir ( or Death Couloir ) has been slightly toyed with this year and you can now get your ride filmed and posted straight to facebook .. although this has taken the mystic away .

On powder days with lots of snow , head into the trees and ski down to Brides les Bains , and don’t miss out on the trees  above Raffort.

If you have a three valley pass and Meribel / Mottaret is heaving , then head up to Saulire and drop over into Courchevel 1650 and get away from it all !



There is a wealth of opportunities here , every big ski company along with smaller chalet companies , you sometimes wonder if you are in France when you hear the amount of English staff !

Bar & restaurant jobs are plentiful here too.


Val Thorens, Les Menuires & St Martin

Val Thorens Valley

Val Thorens ski resortPart  of the three valleys (along with Meribel & Courchevel), these resorts all stretch along one valley from 1300m to 3200m. At the higher end of the valley you have the purpose built resorts of Val Thorens / Les Menuires and Reberty and lower down is the old village of St Martin de Belville .

As you may imagine the purpose built resorts that sprang up in the 1960/70’s can look just a tad ugly , but wow do they serve a purpose. Skiing to the door is what these resorts are all about and if you want to click your skis/board on at the front door of the apartments then these resorts are for you .St Martin lower down the valley retains its true Savoyard style and furthermore has a village atmosphere too.

The whole area can feel quite treeless and bare , so in bad weather you might want to pop over into the Meribel valley ( just don’t get stuck there !)


Several must ski areas are the Cime de Caron at 3200m where you can drop over into the fouth valley or back into Val Thorens . La Masse is a great area to ski ,it mostly faces north east as a result the snow is always in good condition. Once you have skied here then head down to St Martin and have a spot of late lunch in the sunshine .

If you are looking for an easy step into powder then the powder fields just in between the pistes on the runs down to St Martin can be a great way of building confidence .

New this year (2016/17) the old Jerusalem run has been down graded to a blue run.


Top Tips

Pierre Lory from the top of the Col chair into the Maurienne Valley can be superb in the right conditions  plus  La Masse to Lac du Lou & La Masse down Vallée des Encombres  all great in the right weather. You should be mindful about the wather up here though as it is wide open and offers no shelter , so plan ahead.

val thorens tour to pralognan

val thorens tour to pralognan

If you are up to it and can go with someone who knows their way ( or a guide ) then from the Vanoise glacier you can drop down eventually to Pralognan La Vanoise. Be prepared for a hefty taxi back or bribe someone to drive round to pick you up ( good 90 minute drive).





Not quite so many opportunities here as there are a lot of apartments and Dutch ski companies here , that said there are still the usual big tour operators and a handful of chalet operators .



Val Thorens:

Le Saloon is massive for après ski and the party will be in full swing until the early hours

Frog & Roastbeef is a bit of a classic and always a good meeting point

Grotte du Yeti is wild if you like your europop dutch style

La Folie Douce is an institution , if you have see this in Val D’Isere then you know what to expect , if not then either take a couple of stubbies and watch from the slopes or take your platinum credit card  and hit the champagne bar !


Les Menuires / Reberty:

Challenge bar is great for live music at Apres Ski and fills up quickly

Crazy Bar does what it says on the tin , guaranteed party at Apres ski

Skilt , Good sized terrace for some Apres action and gets busy with brits looking for sport later.


Ski Jobs Blog : La Rosiere

Be Careful reading this next blog may induce you ( or seduce you ) into a season in La Rosiere , now who wouldn’t love to lunch in Italy and have dinner in France , well that could be you …read on !

More Alps Chalet

This could be your dining table for the season ,
who wouldn’t want to run this chalet !!

La Rosiere sits by the Col du Petit Saint-Bernard , which is the summer link over into Italy .. of course in the winter you don’t drive to Italy … you ski there and what better way of living that kind of life than sunning a small luxury chalet for 6 guests … read on and if you can see yourself here then email us or head to the website and contact us there


More Alps Logo We are a family-owned, independent company founded in 2002.
We offer our clients an incredible service and attention to detail


Looking after a fully catered chalet for 6 can be even more demanding than the larger chalets and you will certainly feel like you are 100% there for these guests , if you think that you can run a chalet as beautiful and luxurious as ours , whilst maintaining  high standards of customer care , then contact Cool Ski Jobs on info@coolskijobs.com  with your CV and we will be in touch

view over La Rosiere

This could be your view every morning for 5 months !