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Bar jobs in ski resorts and how to get one

Bar jobs in a ski resort : how to get one and what to expect

Riding all day in powder then working in the evening , with live bands and great mates … sounds perfect ? There’s a whole lot more to working as bar staff in the alps then just pouring pints and having a great time.

So you turn up in resort and there’s snow on the ground , you can’t wait to get your pass and hit the slopes  .. HANG ON A MINUTE !

What you can expect in those first few heady days in the snow

To get your ski pass you’re going to need your new boss to provide you with your contract , and lets face it they are probably mega busy right now.Don’t expect it to be put in your hand the second you arrive .If there is snow on the terrace the best thing you can do is ask your boss if they want it cleared and start digging … always seems like fun for the first hour ( just try doing it in a blizzard at midnight ) , once you have teamed up with some of your new work buddies and shifted some neige ( try not to put it on next doors terrace !) the boss will probably have printed your contract off and signed it , you just need to scoot to the lift pass office with your readies and all the paperwork and you are off ..OR ARE YOU ?

Realities of bar job in the alps Bar job staff day off

Well you kinda thought you would be doing shifts from say 7pm til close 6 days a week so you could get some serious park time in , BUT in reality working/riding and partying will burn you out in 2 weeks flat , plus the bar is open from 10am …so they need you to cover shifts over lunch / apres ski and evenings ( the classic triple split shift ) .

To be honest even working day shifts can be great , if its dumped then throw your work gear in a backpack and hit first lift and do a few loops on the nearest chair/bubble lift , then fly into work and get grafting. You will be the one with the biggest smile on your face all day taking the first lines before half the resort actually got on the slopes .

Bar job responsibilities clearing snow from chalet

So what can you expect in terms of work , well most bar/restaurants need you to be able to multi task , so don’t expect to be hanging round serving drinks if the kitchen is flat out .Be prepared to jump in with the KP’s and help wash up ( plonge !) , ask chefs if anything needs chopping /peeling etc .. the chefs can be your best buddies ! If its snowing then get ready with the snow shovels and move blackboards in so they don’t get wrecked etc. Stock rooms need tidying , stock checks need doing , glasses polished , Vin Chaud making , Knives & Forks polishing , restaurant mopping .. TOILETS CLEANING … yep you name it and you will be doing it …” if there’s time to lean , there’s time to clean ”  … but when the band kicks off and the beers / jagers are flowing then the bar is the best place on earth to work !

Nothing beats that feeling at the end of the night when you have just persuaded the last punter to go home after a staggeringly busy night , you all look at each other and think S**T did we just get through that ?! The stories all come out about who left with who , and which chalet girl is not going to make it up for work in the morning etc etc

Of course then you guys need to grab a beer at the local club and do it all for yourselves ….. but don’t forget , lifts open at 9am and you are on a split shift tomorrow !!

Take a look at these positions on the site right now :

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Latest jobs are all found HERE

Meribel & Mottaret Ski Resort

Snowy scenes from Meribel

Meribel ski resort and where to get a job

At the heart of the three valleys , Meribel is really where the British ski industry kicked off in France with Peter Lindsay investing and planning the resort from the late 1930’s .

This resort along with Mottaret hosts hundred of thousands of Brits every winter , the valley itself is very wide , open and sunny but the main problems you really get here are the queues in the bottom of either meribel or mottaret as people are trying to head up the other side .

That said a season here will offer you great skiing and a great seasonairre vibe as there are simply thousands of staff working the bars / restaurants / shops /chalets etc etc


Bars..where to start ?

Jacks bar in the Chaudanne area ,that kicks off a lot of peoples après ski , but will go on into the early hours .

Meribel is now famous for the Folie Douce bar which hosts a party every day from around 3pm onwardsBar job staff day off , dont miss your last lift to Courchevel though.

Resort centre

La Taverne & the Doron Pub , two of the most established institutions in meribel , hosting live music , DJ’s , raffles and madness.

La Poste .. if you have the money !! there will always be a few of the old school ski bums looking at this shaking their heads at what was once the Capricorn (just ask someone when you get there )

Barometer Bar .. always a laid back atmosphere in here .

Lodge du Village , higher up in Meribel Village , this is now a firm favourite for all seasonaires and hosts the Charity Day which moved from La Tania.

Meribel valley slopes

Depending on the time of the year , you will want to plan your day around the sun , now one wants to be skiing back in the cold shadowy runs!

But you have to head up to Mt Vallon for some brilliant wide open fast skiing , from there you can drop over into Val thorens ( and maybe head to the fourth valley !)

The Moon Park Meribel One of the big draws are the two parks : DC area 43 snow park and the Moon park … you will be spending a fair amount of time hanging around here !


Top Tips

The Meribel Couloir ( or Death Couloir ) has been slightly toyed with this year and you can now get your ride filmed and posted straight to facebook .. although this has taken the mystic away .

On powder days with lots of snow , head into the trees and ski down to Brides les Bains , and don’t miss out on the trees  above Raffort.

If you have a three valley pass and Meribel / Mottaret is heaving , then head up to Saulire and drop over into Courchevel 1650 and get away from it all !



There is a wealth of opportunities here , every big ski company along with smaller chalet companies , you sometimes wonder if you are in France when you hear the amount of English staff !

Bar & restaurant jobs are plentiful here too.


Ski chalet host , a day in the life (part 1)

A day in the life of a chalet host

What is it really like to be a ski chalet host in the alps?

6:30am and the alarm’s going off , turn that racket off ! Then the phone alarm starts going ( always good to  have two alarms , especially after last nights antics ) .A quick view of myself in the mirror versus time left for a shower means it’s on with the company beanie ,get dressed and run round to the chalet .

YES it’s snowing big pizza flakes , which is a double edged sword as I am going to have to dig my way into the chaletchalet host digging snow  . So 10 minutes later and with a little help from the baker as he delivered the morning baguettes and I am into my chalet.I discover the guests had a little party last night , clearly wine & cheese was on “their” menu . Anyhow , get on with it and it’s:

  • Porridge on the hob
  • Eggs boiling ( 6 minutes for a soft egg at this altitude)
  • Cereals / jam & bread out
  • Coffee on (thank god)
  • Started baking the afternoon tea ,today it’s going to be lemon drizzle cake

And it’s only 7:45am ! If it all goes smoothly I be out by 10:30.The mountains are calling me .

The next 60 minutes are all about getting the guests fed , and out of the ski chalet. It’s all about making sure the breakfast fills them up , they find all the lost goggles/gloves/children and piste maps. Do they know where they are meeting the ski guide ?  have a great day guys and see you in the bar for après ski !

Finally you have the chalet to yourself

So with the chalet empty , turn up the dodgy French radio and get cleaning bogs & beds , clean breakfast , lay the table for afternoon tea , order more wine from the chalet manager for tonight ( naughty guests !) ,sweep , mop , clear more snow !

10:40am and I am outta here , text my mates , ski gear on sharpish , sandwich made and stuffed in my ski jacket . If you can accomplish all that and make it on the hill by 11am , that’s a winner.

Time to hit the slopes

You now get to spend the day with your buddies  riding the slopes and face-planting in powderface-plant in the snow .Digging myself out of tree holes , eating a squashed sandwich on a freezing chairlift , a quick vin chaud , more  laps of our fav tree run then a little cheeky après ski for an hour ( really wish I had peeled all the veg for tonight !)

To be continued in part 2

‘Tis the season to be jolly !

Latest new from the French Alps

Well the snow’s been falling all across the Alps and it looks all set to be a great start to the winter season, so if you are heading out to run a ski chalet , be a ski rep , work in a bar or any cool ski job then you must be madly excited!

Ski lift in courchevelLots of resorts have opened all ready with some opening early and some even opening for free !! Yes Courchevel opens for the season with a free days skiing available if you are out there , so if you are still getting the ski chalet ready but havnt got your pass yet then this is a great chance to head onto the ski slopes

But whats happening out there right now?

Well this is the time of the season that most staff dread , if you are working in a chalet you will probably be doing inventories , practice meals , training , training and more training … generally you will not have your lift pass yet as most resorts may not be fully open … or the company is still getting all the staff passes organised . It can feel quite frustrating if you are out in the snow and you just wanna have fun but you just have to sit tight and get some work done .. the good times are just round the corner .

Apres ski in meribelIf you are working for a private bar / restaurant then it could well be open already and you are fueling the hangovers of the workers already in resort , it still feels weird as there are no real “Punters” out yet and if its your first season its difficult to get a real steer on what the job is all about … just wait for your first apres ski with a live band at xmas week , then you will know what to expect !

For those of you who have not sorted ski jobs yet … do not despair , we have a couple more positions available on the site , just CLICK HERE


Day in the life of a chalet host PART 2

.. So après ski is just too good to leave , the guests are loving the live band and have bought me a couple of drinkies , I’ll just have “one more” then run back to the chalet .

Fortunately all the guests are still in the pub so I can quickly put away the afternoon tea .. Just leave the cake on the side and they can take some out on the hill tomorrow ; quickly lay the fire and get that roaring , nothing better after a great day on the mountain .

Running a teeny bit late means a readjustment of tonight’s menu , cheese on toast will be ok ..ha ha , I wish !

Peel the spuds , slice and into the dish with tons of garlic and the gratin dauphinoise can look after themselves ( top tip from an “old” chalet girl : put a tray with water in it under the gratin , as it bubbles over the tray will catch all the cream and not burn on the bottom of the oven , 30 minutes cleaning saved there !) .The boeuf bourgingnon was cooked yesterday and should just need a slow reheat and smells yummy , and to make things easy I’ll serve that with braised red cabbage , cos that can cook itself too !

Quick run home and get changed , making it back to the chalet in 20 mins , how come I could never get ready that quick in my old life in England ?

Guests are heading back and the sound of baths and showers may mean only one thing … Yep the electrics tripped off again , no panic as I lit the candles the moment I heard them all heading to the bathrooms , leccy is back on and we should be ok if everyone takes it in turns to get showered etc …just hope it hasn’t slowed the gratin down !!!!!

So dishing up around the table and the stories are flooding out of the days antics , how they allskied the couloirs in knee deep powder and how little timmy did a 360 without faceplanting ( shame) ; I seem to have the national ski team of Surrey here this week !

The old classic of banoffee pie is the all time favourite and it hits the spot big time , the ladies are all wolfing it down , after all they did do a full days skiing today so they deserve it( I swear I saw them shopping at lunchtime as I grab a beer with my mates) .

Dishwasher is on the third cycle since I got into the chalet at 5:30pm and I’m loading it again , my nails and hands are completely buggered from washing up , Ahh well who cares …what a day !

Well if any of the guests are up for it there’s a dub step night at the pub and i can hear it calling me ( along with my good friend for the season : Jagermeister !) …. See you all at 6:30am ..let’s do it all again tomorrow !