Courchevel in January – What to expect

view of courchevel saulire

As the craziness of the start of the season and the festive period settles down, what can you expect from the start of the new year in a ski resort (and we are looking this time at Courchevel) ?

Well this can certainly be one of the best months of the season , if you are out working in resort you will have probably fully gotten into the stride of your job and this should be leading to more time on the slopes. With January being one of the coldest months the snow tends to hold up pretty well and with the snow-making facilities in Courchevel running at full tilt this means that the base layer of snow is being added to every night.

While the resort may feel a little quieter than the last couple of weeks , lets not forget up in 1850 things are gearing up this week for the Russian orthodox Christmas this week so expect to see a lot of Russians (well more than normal!) Russian Christmas in Courchevel

Weather-wise we have had a brilliant start to the winter season and the conditions are superb at the moment , currently the sun is shining and the pistes are empty so its all good. This is a great time to make the most of no lift queues and head out across the 3 valleys.

Towards the end of the month if you want to see some racing then head over the hill to Meribel to watch the mes giant slalom (Coupe d’Europe) on 28th & 29th January !

Skier in a Giant slalom race

If you are still looking for work then do not despair at this time of the year as a few jobs start to appear again over the next week or so due to injuries or staff not really working out in their role etc.

Keep an eye on our job page .. just click HERE 

Ski and Snowboard Festival






This October (24th – 27th), Battersea Evolution will transform into an alpine arena to host The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival for the fifth year running. With 17,000 visitors in 2018, and the highest number of attendees since its move to Battersea Evolution in 2015, the 2019 festival will mark 46 years of the popular event, making it the longest running winter sports event.


Over four days, The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival will unite ski, winter sports and destination experts from across the globe under one roof. Packed full of information for novices and ski fanatics, the event has taken inspiration from some of the best large scale ski celebrations in the mountains to create an exciting festival right here in London.


Marking the beginning of the ski season with an exciting line-up of 200 exhibitors including Sierra Nevada, Crystal Ski Holidays and Ski Vermont, The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival is the perfect place for travellers to get inspiration and advice from a host of international professional athletes and The Telegraph’s own-award winning journalists. This year, these will include The Telegraph’s ski technique editor Warren Smith and Team GB’s Winter Olympic and Paralympic stars, all of whom will be on hand to inspire guests with a multitude of incredible stories, experiences and advice that is sure to encourage travellers to book their next ski holiday. It is also the perfect place to shop the latest kit in preparation for a ski or snowboard holiday.


Henry Druce, editor of The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard commented, ‘’We are so excited to be back this October at Battersea Evolution for The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival. The show has gone from strength to strength each year, and with a selection of new attractions and offerings for 2019, the event is expected to be one of the biggest and most exciting yet.  The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival will certainly be a day to remember and is a great opportunity for visitors to get excited and inspired about the ski season ahead.”


Taking place during the October school holidays, the show will also feature a full schedule of activities, games and entertainment that is perfect for the whole family over the half-term break including an artificial slope, ice skating, face painting, Halloween themed entertainment and more. New features for this year include craft beer tasting, curling on the ice rink and sports taster sessions, as well as an authentic Street Food Village serving delicious alpine food and drinks, competitions and a fantastic line-up of live music, DJ sets and comedy. With more entertainment to be announced soon, the show will also offer two nights of après entertainment to bring the atmosphere of the slopes to London to provide a true ski holiday experience.

Tickets to the event start from £21.65 per person (including access to the Après event).

For more information on The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival, or to purchase tickets, please visit


Bar jobs in ski resorts and how to get one

Bar jobs in a ski resort : how to get one and what to expect

Riding all day in powder then working in the evening , with live bands and great mates … sounds perfect ? There’s a whole lot more to working as bar staff in the alps then just pouring pints and having a great time.

So you turn up in resort and there’s snow on the ground , you can’t wait to get your pass and hit the slopes  .. HANG ON A MINUTE !

What you can expect in those first few heady days in the snow

To get your ski pass you’re going to need your new boss to provide you with your contract , and lets face it they are probably mega busy right now.Don’t expect it to be put in your hand the second you arrive .If there is snow on the terrace the best thing you can do is ask your boss if they want it cleared and start digging … always seems like fun for the first hour ( just try doing it in a blizzard at midnight ) , once you have teamed up with some of your new work buddies and shifted some neige ( try not to put it on next doors terrace !) the boss will probably have printed your contract off and signed it , you just need to scoot to the lift pass office with your readies and all the paperwork and you are off ..OR ARE YOU ?

Realities of bar job in the alps Bar job staff day off

Well you kinda thought you would be doing shifts from say 7pm til close 6 days a week so you could get some serious park time in , BUT in reality working/riding and partying will burn you out in 2 weeks flat , plus the bar is open from 10am …so they need you to cover shifts over lunch / apres ski and evenings ( the classic triple split shift ) .

To be honest even working day shifts can be great , if its dumped then throw your work gear in a backpack and hit first lift and do a few loops on the nearest chair/bubble lift , then fly into work and get grafting. You will be the one with the biggest smile on your face all day taking the first lines before half the resort actually got on the slopes .

Bar job responsibilities clearing snow from chalet

So what can you expect in terms of work , well most bar/restaurants need you to be able to multi task , so don’t expect to be hanging round serving drinks if the kitchen is flat out .Be prepared to jump in with the KP’s and help wash up ( plonge !) , ask chefs if anything needs chopping /peeling etc .. the chefs can be your best buddies ! If its snowing then get ready with the snow shovels and move blackboards in so they don’t get wrecked etc. Stock rooms need tidying , stock checks need doing , glasses polished , Vin Chaud making , Knives & Forks polishing , restaurant mopping .. TOILETS CLEANING … yep you name it and you will be doing it …” if there’s time to lean , there’s time to clean ”  … but when the band kicks off and the beers / jagers are flowing then the bar is the best place on earth to work !

Nothing beats that feeling at the end of the night when you have just persuaded the last punter to go home after a staggeringly busy night , you all look at each other and think S**T did we just get through that ?! The stories all come out about who left with who , and which chalet girl is not going to make it up for work in the morning etc etc

Of course then you guys need to grab a beer at the local club and do it all for yourselves ….. but don’t forget , lifts open at 9am and you are on a split shift tomorrow !!

Take a look at these positions on the site right now :

Bar Staff Courchevel 

Bar Staff Les Arcs

Bar Staff Wengen

Bar Staff France

Latest jobs are all found HERE

Shreds advice to budding seasonaires

It all started on a ski lift. To be honest when does it not!

We have been Snowsports heads for as long as I can remember, having done seasons and university Snowsports (completely loved it) but the time was nearing when university was coming to an end and we would have to start making some ‘adult decisions’ worryingly soon. However, even more pressing than that was, how the hell were we going to get on the slopes next year?

It was quickly decided that returning to family holidays was simply not an option but in reality nothing else seemed to fit. We wanted something, rowdy and social that let us enjoy the mountains first lifts until last orders. The mountain festivals looked amazing but completely out of budget and the thought of sleeping on seasonaires friends sofas wasn’t exactly scalable.

Thus, Shreds was born. Based on the university model we wanted to create a community of riders that united skiers boarders and bar supporters for ski weeks in the alps and events back here in the UK.

Since that chairlift we have recruited two more into the business the first is Henry (a long-time friend from university) who manages all things Shred Ski Week.  It has been an absolute tornado since then and we won’t even talk about the lack of sleep – but it has been an amazing journey. We can now take you skiing for just £299, for accommodation, lift pass and a basic events wristband which I really think is testament to everyone’s hard work. Sound too good to be true, check out for more info.

We also managed to bring on board our main man Xander Seddon, who alongside being an incredible DJ in his own right is well versed in the alpine events scene. He is in charge of organising our parties (yes that’s a real job). In fact we would love to see as many friendly faces down at our festival on November 17th. We are building a rail jam, in a brewery HQ, in Zone 1 London – plus inviting a load of our friends down for a full day of good music, cold pints and pop-up shops. Oh and there is an afterparty of course – check it out and buy tickets HERE.


Before we started Shreds we were out in the mountains and have over 10 years seasons experience, ranging from Austria – New Zealand, Canada – Greece.  So in partnership with Cool ski jobs, we sat down scratched our heads and came up with our 3 most important bits of advice for surviving your first season as a chalet host!

1. Get your hands dirty

As seasonaires you will find yourself doing almost everything regardless of your job title. If you are precious, find another job. You will soon be scrubbing toilets, clearing up sick, building tennis courts and painting rooms all on a healthy hangover. Muck in and pull your weight, people quickly loose respect for you if you’re not a team player but on the flip side if you can help another department you will get so much more in return. Oh and one tip, buy a multi-tool: anything you can fix yourself will put you in maintenance’s good books (and that’s the best place to be) at the end of the day they aren’t paid to change lightbulbs or replace hoover bags.

2. Be resourceful

If you are in it for the money, stay at home. Less than £300pcm is what I got for my first season job – and while it does vary between companies and roles you are never going to become a millionaire. With that in mind, never pay full price for anything. Ever.  It goes back to, help others and they will help you – it’s a motto we still live by today on the other side of the fence. Ski service, meals, gear, beer there are seasonaires rates for everything as long as you make friends in the right places. Use the training weeks before the guests arrive to go out and meet other workers to make sure they know your face and who to serve when the bar is rammed.

In addition use what is at hand. Yes you may have to lower your standards; but shower gels, deodorants (please god not roll on) and toilet rolls, think about what guests are leaving behind that you can still make use of and save money. It’s great, you smell different every week and it saves you a shit ton of money.  

3.At the end of the day remember where you are

Even if you master the routine there will still be days when you want to curl up in a ball and die. Ill, poor, malnourished and fucking grumpy you will hate everyone and everything – especially guests. When this happens just take a moment to step back and realise where you are. You are paid to play in one of the most stunning locations in the world. I have lived in 5* hotels and by the most stunning mountains/ beaches with everything on your doorstep. Oh and you are living there for free. That feeling of appreciation never dies away and sometimes it pays to remember that  “My job is better than your holiday”.


But most of all, just enjoy it. Even having this conversation we are incredibly jealous of you all! In the meantime, come down and see us on the 17th to stock up on last min winter essentials. We would love to grab a beer and answer any questions you may have about seasons – Shred Ski is always willing to help.  

Who knows maybe one day we will see you on one of our ski weeks!

Ben (on behalf of the whole Shred Ski team)


Top 5 tips when applying for a job

Top 5 tips

Top Tip number 1

Prepare your CV

The writing of CVs has changed dramatically over the years, no longer do you need to list page after page of work/life experiences. For a typical ski season job you also don’t need to heavily focus on your educational qualifications either.

In fact the real skill is to get your CV noticed in the first 15 seconds that a prospective employer spends looking at it!

So, think about what job you are applying for with this CV and tailor your wording to what the employee is looking for.

Then get the CV proof read by someone, because even if you have spell checked it there could well be some grammatical errors. If you are reusing last year’s version then ensure the dates are all correct.

Top Tip number 2

Think about the job you are applying for

Have you really got the skills to take you to the hills? If the job says Chalet Chef then don’t apply unless you can prove you can cook for up to 14 guests, we are talking a three course meal from scratch with canapes here .. not knocking out sandwiches at the cricket pavillion.

But also think of the skills and experience that you may have but automatically consider would be an advantage in the mountains. For example if you have retail experience and have a solid skiing background then potentially working in a ski hire shop could work.

Nothing will annoy a potential employer if you haven’t read the job requirements properly and that includes minimum ages plus if a company requires UK national insurance / bank etc .

Top Tip number 3

Consider your online presence !

Trust me, a potential employer will spend 10 minutes googling you if they think you have potential. If you put on your CV that you are a non-smoker and your facebook profile is you toking away then expect your CV to go straight in the rubbish bin. This may seem really harsh but there is a TON of competition out there and when someone is looking for their next employee it can be the smallest thing that makes you lose the opportunity.

Also lets think about your email address , you may have thought is cool when you got F*** etc but when that email lands in the inbox what will a prospective boss think ? I would advise setting another one up for your application process.

Top Tip number 4

Prepare for the interview

Nothing says you don’t care more than if you rock up ill prepared for the interview. You should bear in mind that your future employer may have spent time and money flying back from the Alps to hold interviews. Do your research before, it’s pretty simple to look up the company and find out about them for example:

  • Which resorts do they operate in
  • How big is the company
  • Are you meeting the owner , if so research their history too

Arrive with plenty of time to spare, public transport and hold ups can scupper your chance of a job so ensure you get there 30 minutes before .. BUT my advice would be to wait either in a cafe nearby etc until 15 mins before interview time.

Arrive appropriately dressed for the job/company and ensure you bring any relevant documents you may need (sample menus/proof of driving qualifications etc).

Top Tip number 5

Aim high but not necessarily the dream !

Whilst we would all like to get the creme de la creme of jobs in the Alps, you may be best advised to look for a job that you know you can do and do well. This will get you the opportunity to be out in resort for the winter gaining experience and nothing looks better on that CV than EXPERIENCE !

As the seasons go on you will find yourself applying for the positions you dreamed of a few years previous and generally loving life when you get that DREAM JOB !

So good luck and what are you waiting for ? .. Get searching for your next job HERE 

Why apply for a ski season in February or March?

Ski Season Jobs

Most seasonal workers know that skiing is a winter sport, and that if you’re planning to work as a ski ‘seasonnaire’ your job will last from roughly mid-November to the end of April. The bulk of the skiing public take their holidays between mid-December and mid-April so as winter season staff your roles will entail some set-up and clean-down time at each end of the season.

Skiworld Jobs

Part-Ski Seasons

There are some exceptions to this way of working though. Whether you have prior engagements – a full-time job, travels or studying being the most popular – or you just hadn’t thought about ski seasons before, many Ski Operators look to employ staff throughout the season. This is a perfect opportunity to experience one of the greatest life experiences going – living, skiing and working in the mountains…

There are disadvantages to joining a ski season half-way through: The resort teams will have an established camaraderie built over the past couple of months of working and living together and there may not be the range of jobs to apply for as at the start of the season, for example.

Top 7 Reasons to join a ski season late

  1. You’ll miss the difficult and demanding Christmas and New Year period
  2. You’ll dodge the dark and sometimes bitterly cold month of January
  3. The resort teams will be well-oiled and able to train you very efficiently and quickly
  4. The weather is improving by the day
  5. The snow-base (the amount of snow that’s compacted on the ski slopes) is pretty much at its maximum, making for amazing skiing and snowboarding conditions
  6. The days are longer meaning more time on the slopes
  7. There are events such as live music and ski competitions happening more often as the spring skiing season progresses

A Great Ski Season Employer

As a purely winter season employer, and one of the most established in the industry with over 35 years’ experience; Skiworld are a great option to consider if you’re looking for a ski season job. Amongst other benefits they offer a full employment package including return travel from the UK, your accommodation, food, lift pass and ski or snowboard equipment, plus you’ll get two days off per week.

Skiworld are still taking applications for this winter season up until the end of March, so you’re in with a great opportunity to be offered a job as a chalet host, resort rep, maintenance person, kitchen porter, chef, driver or one of many other roles!

If you’re interested, please see the opportunities we have advertised on Cool Ski Jobs and apply today.

The Telegraph ski show

Well it’s about that time of the year again 😀!

With a good dusting of snow last week across the Alps all our thoughts are firmly turning to winter. The season is less than 2 months away and to be honest job applications are reaching fever pitch ! It seems like everyone wants to do a season this year and no wonder after last season’s epic snowfall .


Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show

So if it’s October and snow has started to fall then we must just be around the corner from the ski show. This year there are even more things going on over the 3 day snow extravigansa ❄️❄️

The Festival will bring together world resorts, winter sports retailers, alpine food, pro-athletes, experts, après and entertainment for all the family.

This year we see a dedicated apres ski bar , mount Battersea and a climbing wall along with ski show classics such as meeting the British Olympians / avalanche talks and a host of (in)famous mountain gurus.

If you haven’t got a ticket yet then grab one here .

Plus we will be around on Thursday to Saturday , so msg on Instagram/Snapchat or Twitter to grab us and sort out next season’s job!

If you are still looking for work … There’s too many jobs to mention here .. just head to COOLSKIJOBS and apply there


What makes the best seasonnaires?

Around the end of summer, recruitment for ski seasons really hits fever pitch. University graduates think about gap years, returning seasonnaires come to the end of their summer jobs and plans for the winter are hatched en masse. But how do you know you have what’s needed to be the best ski seasonnaire?…


Seasonnaires are the foundation of Skiworld

Over the years we’ve been very fortunate to have so many exemplary members of staff throughout our resort teams during winters in the mountains. Both first-time seasonnaires and multiple-season veterans have proven themselves in some very difficult conditions, not least the 2017/18 season with its record-breaking snowfall made working life pretty tricky at times to say the least. When the hardest challenges were levelled at us, we saw the quality of our staff come to the fore. Their residual energy supplies were released like Adrenalin, seasonnaire auto-pilots were turned off and superhuman acts of ‘going the extra mile’ became as commonplace as a baguette on a chalet breakfast table. To put it simply, our staff are our foundation.


Seasonnaire qualities, skills and traits

It got us thinking… What are these qualities that beset our incredible seasonnaires? How do we keep getting so lucky with such amazing people joining the Skiworld ranks? And could we figure out the secret formula to find more of these people, or better yet, teach mere mortals the mysteries of ‘The Skiworld Way’? In a kind of snow-covered Dr Frankenstein spin-off, we came up with the following parts-list:


11 things that make the best ski seasonnaire

1. A team player who is always willing to help

2. Someone who possesses an infectious zest for life

3. Welcoming affability; someone who’s door is always open

4. A person who strives and isn’t afraid to try, fail and try again in the quest to achieve their goals, no matter how small or large

5. Adventurous and boundless energy, with a desire to explore the furthest boundaries of, and exceed their comfort zone

6. Enthusiasm to live in the mountains and make the most of everything the lifestyle can offer

7. Personality that’s full of initiative and ideas to improve professionally, from individual, team and company perspectives

8. A natural motivator of people who will always look to encourage

9. Clear communication; willing to both listen and learn just as much as imparting their knowledge on others

10. Someone with the flexibility to tackle any individual task with a positive can-do attitude for the betterment of the team

11. And finally, most importantly… A dab hand with a snow shovel!


A ski season job could change your life

One thing that has changed a lot over the years is how employers view a ski season on a CV. In the past there was a perception that a ski season was just a bit of a doss for 6 months. A time to let your hair down and forget responsibilities. Times change.

Now a ski season is looked at more favourably by a whole host of employers – not just those in the hospitality or the tourism industry. The beauty of the range of skills our seasonnaires learn,  develop and hone, is that they are all transferable. Dealing with pressurised situations in a calm manner, communicating efficiently to a range of different people or maintaining a ‘can-do’ attitude in the face of adversity are just three examples of skills that being a seasonnaire allows you to perfect.

At Skiworld we want our staff to be able to effectively promote these skills as they look forward in their careers, so we help them do just that. In our CV Workshops towards the end of the season we teach our staff how to contextualise their ski season experiences verbally for interview and translate them onto their CVs in preparation for their futures.


Are you a Skiworld seasonnaire in the making? If the answer is “yes”, or if you know someone who is, we want to know about it! Get in touch with our recruitment team today


See all cool ski jobs HERE 


Thanks to Skiworld for the guest blog 🙂

Recruitment day success

Ski jobs recruitment day blog

And as the sun settles on a long sunny Saturday afternoon , the coolskijobs teams pack up at The Snow Centre. It’s been an amazing day up here and we want to thank all the people that came along and supported us.

From the morning session where we heard all about it life as a resort rep in the mountains , then the life (and lifestyle) of a ski instructor . We then learned all about the daily tasks involved in being at chalet host.

Our morning speakers came from the following companies :


With a 30 minute break to mingle and get a chance to speak to the presenters, along with a chance to show off CVs  … we all grabbed a swift coffee.

Back into the Valais suite and a fantastic presentation about the different resorts across the Alps to live in. Plus en ex-seasonairre who is working in the industry but in the UK to give us all a real feel for ski season life.

Our guest speaker in the afternoon can be seen below , click on the logos to see more info :


So many candidates came up to me and said one of the clearest feelings they got from the day was the love we ALL had for working a winter, and the vast choice of jobs out there.

More and more companies are posting jobs and still looking for the right people to work this winter, the time has never been better to get a job in the alps this winter.

See all our latest jobs HERE

Subscribe to ski job alerts HERE

Good luck this winter and don’t forget to give us a shout if you are at the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival


How to get a ski job this winter

What a year it has been, the biggest snowfalls seen in the Alps for about 40 years  and then the winter moved down under and Mt Hotham has announced it will stay open until 7th October! This has certainly been the best ever year to grab a ski job and enjoy life in the mountains.

Mt Hotham skier

At we have been working hard ourselves this summer with lots & lots ski/chalet companies posting ski jobs on the site and organising our first ever ski job recruitment day.

Ski Job Recruitment Day

So on September 1st we are hosting a recruitment day at The Snow Centre  which will be a fantastic opportunity to come along and meet ski companies that are recruiting right now . The day will be all about finding ski jobs in the Alps and what life is like in the mountains , we will have a couple of inspirational speakers who have lived the life and can give you some great insights .

In the morning we will have some time to have a Q & A session with 3 key ski companies who will be speaking about various roles in the ski industry ( Chalet Hosts / Resort Rep etc )plus information on some great ski resorts. We will have the chance to quiz a ski instructor on life in the mountains along with a key speaker from The Snow Centre who has some fantastic tips & tricks on how to survive your ski season 😃.

With several breakout sessions you will get the chance to grab a coffee with an employer and run through their jobs and your skills , hopefully matching these up and getting you out to the Alps this winter .

[layerslider id=”30″]

Of course we will be on hand with our recruitment desk and have the full ski job listings that are available with us on the day. We will have advise on all aspects of work in the Alps and will be able to help with your specific requirements .

Half price ski pass


We have also managed to blag a 2 hour ski pass for all attendees for only £20. With this pass you get all the equipment ( skis/poles/snowboard, boots & helmet) and a pass for 2 hours on on the slope ! All in all not a bad way to start the weekend – sort your job out and then hit the snow .

So what are you waiting for ? Just click on the button below to get your free tickets and ensure you don’t miss out on the chance to change your life forever !